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3D Hand Casting Kit

3D Hand Casting Kit

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Create a memory that will last a lifetime

Our top rated hand molding design is the perfect gift for your significant other, family, friends… you name it!

The hand molding process is fun and easy for EVERYONE to use and enjoy. Create the ultimate memory that will last a lifetime, you will be able to see the mold every single day and be reminded of the loving memory that was created!

Clone a replica of your hand      

Our hand molding design will leave you with a high definition mold replica of your hand. This is the perfect gift to family or friends, creating a memory that will last a LIFETIME!

Non toxic and non allergenic material

Our top rated design is 100% non toxic and made with allergenic material. The material is easy to wash off and comes off in just seconds!       

Design made to last 

Our top rated design includes:

  • High definition replica mold
  • Non toxic/allergenic material
  • Simple step by step guide
  • Durable mold made to last

High definition replica mold

The finished mold will give you an EXACT replica of the position your hand was in during the setup process!

The mold will be durable and firm and you can place it just about anywhere for the perfect decoration item! Whether you are doing a single hand mold, with your partner, or with a friend we can ensure you will LOVE it!

Non toxic and allergenic material

Our hand mold design is made with a 100% non toxic material that is allergenic to ENSURE a smooth and fun process!

Create the PERFECT memory with our safe and easy to use hand mold design! Our customers absolutely love our hand mold design and we know you will too! 



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